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 Please read: RYL Titan EULA for site and game!

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PostSubject: Please read: RYL Titan EULA for site and game!   Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:12 am


Administrators made the rules listed in the Titan rules.
Our decisions are final. If you think our judgment is unfair, you need to have good arguments to prove you are right.

Forum/game rules.
1.Do not ask to be a moderator. If we need moderators we will contact YOU.

2. If a moderator or an administrator edits your post leave it edited! If we catch you editing out a previous edit that was made into your post by an administrator or a moderator you will be banned. Edits are made for a reason and if you want to change its anyway, ask the moderator or administrator who edited the post.

3.Flaming of ANY member of the Titan forum will not be tolerated. Even if the post you are replying to seems worthy of a flame, it is recommended that you do not do this. Flaming of a moderator / administrator is grounds for an immediate ban, even if an apology is accepted you will be on very thin ice with the moderators / administrators.

4.Read the threads carefully before you post when you have a question, the answer might be there already. Starting new threads about the same subject will only make the boards look like rubbish.

5.If you have a topic that has not received a reply and has become buried under quite a few posts, please do not start a new topic, instead; BUMP the topic back to the top by replying to it. When you reply to a thread/topic it is moved to the top of the forum or bumped to the top. Only bump your topic once in 24 hours, if you bump your topic more then once in 24 hours it will not be appreciated.

6.Any post that doesn't belong in an appropriate forum will be deleted or moved to the right forums.

7.Please remember that there are some members of this board who are minors and and they may not fully understand the implications of some actions. Also, at a younger age you are far more influenced by peer pressure, etc. As a community, we have a responsibility to look after each other - please remember that. If you are unsure whether you should post on a topic, pm a moderator beforehand - use us as a guide - after all, that's what we are here for.

8.Don't spam. Members may not post links to other Sites or Messages Boards in an attempt to advertise. Posting links to other sites without anyone requesting such links is considered spam. Advertising for other servers will result in a immediate ban.

9.Don't make useless post. Members may not post threads or replies that contribute nothing to a forum, either to annoy or increase post count.

10.Don't be lame. Members are expected to act in a dignified way. Immature behavior will not be tolerated.

11.Don't request a sticky. To keep the amount of sticky's to the minimum we only award them to topics we feel are real assets to the forum. Don't private message a Moderator to ask if your topic can be sticky'd.

12.Don't make official threads. Only the Titan Staff is allowed make official topics, if there is a need for one.

13.Talking about how to hack will result in an immediate BAN.
14. Caught using abusing/hacking in game will result in jail/perm ban. If we have to go as far as IP banning, then so be it

We hope you have a pleasant stay here, please follow these rules so a long stay is guaranteed.

Copyright 2008 Titan, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Please read: RYL Titan EULA for site and game!
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