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 Donate To Help Server

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PostSubject: Donate To Help Server   Donate To Help Server I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 12:20 am

This server need donation,so i hope this solution will helps you out to donate the server.

Earning Real Money Just 1 Clicking Button!!

Using this Method you can actually get you Real Money using which you can buy anything:
Follow these steps:

1. Create a Paypal Account( Donít Worry its free) . When asked for credit card details simply say cancel. You do not need to fill it.


2. Then Go to the following link:

3. Join this site. It is also free. You get paid for completing surveys over there 6$ to 4$ dollars per survey and 1.25$ per referral thatís a lot.
4. Another thing you can also use Paypal money to buy stuff on Ebay and other shopping sites.

5. Thats is it. So Simple and I swear it works.

Posted by <this website have more than 3 solution of getting real cash so you can donate more to help the server and helps runs well.Thanks

P.S. Hope Moderator/GM don't delete this post,just help the server gain more income!!
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Donate To Help Server
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